Monday, April 16, 2007

'Kitten On A Trampoline': A web round-up of illustrations by Robert McGinnis

(post revised on 4/21/08)

In a career spanning several decades, the artwork of Robert McGinnis has appeared on the covers of more than 1,000 paperback books, on dozens of movie posters, and in numerous magazine illustrations.

The image above accompanies the story 'Kitten On A Trampoline', written by John D. MacDonald, as it appeared in the April 8th, 1961 issue of The Saturday Evening Post.

When I first posted this entry in April of 2007, there were some large galleries of McGinnis work available on the net, but unfortunately, since that time several of those sites have shut down, including the artist's own official homepage.

Hopefully that situation will change in the near future, and perhaps some of those pages may be relisted here.

In the meantime, follow the links below for many fine examples of the artwork of Robert McGinnis!

- A set of images at Virtual Pin-ups Art Gallery

- A gallery of movie posters and more at American Art Archives

- A Flickr set posted by Leif Peng

- Some samples from a book collection of McGinnis paperback covers

- A couple of nice blog posts - - one at Stainless Steel Droppings, and one at Ryan's Neat Stuff Blog

ADDENDUM, 6/2/08: As of this writing, advance solicitations have been posted for issue #23 of Illustration Magazine, to be released later this summer and currently slated to contain a feature article on the magazine work of Robert McGinnis.


Anonymous said...


The In Crowd said...

Hi Anonymous!

Thanks for sharing!

Feel free to explain your greeting anytime...

Anonymous said...

Not sure why that guy wrote that, I guess he is not a fan.

I appreciate the work of McGinnis and actually own the painting pictured above. It is a polyptych and was featured in The Saturday Evening Post April 8, 1961.


Joe Jusko said...

Absolutely love this piece! "Anonymous" who owns the original, would it be possible to get a high res scan from you? I'd love to print out a large image for my studio.

Thanks in advance for your consideration!

Joe Jusko said...

I have a decent size image of the polyptych as my Facebook cover photo. Such a huge McGinnis fan. Never tire of fawning over his work.

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