Saturday, April 7, 2007

Rev. Carey Landry's 'Giant Love Ball Song' (from the 1973 LP 'Hi God!')

When we were both deejays at KALX radio in Berkeley, my dear friend Snappy The Alligator turned me on to this special piece of vinyl, and of course the favored selection was 'The Giant Love Ball Song'.

I'd often play it around Valentine's Day, or sometimes when the opening narration seemed to sync well with whatever had been on the air before it.

It always received a favorable response. Seldom would it air without someone calling in to ask about the song or comment on it.

I'd guess that most of the calls were from people who'd heard the 'Hi God!' album in their youth - - in school (or Sunday school), in daycare, at bible camp, etc.

It seemed that they all were surprised to discover that they remembered it so clearly after so many years, and to discover that they remembered the album fondly.

Listen to: Rev. Carey Landry with First and Second Grade Children from St. Thomas Aquinas School, Indianapolis Indiana - Giant Love Ball Song (click for audio)

I gather that Rev. Landry left the church somewhere back in the 1980's. I'll guess there's a story there somewhere...

...until then, we can all be like love balls.


Thundy said...

Thank you!! I've been looking for this song for over 10 years! :)

Clark B. said...

I found this vinyl abandoned in a church closet this past summer. I couldn't believe my ears!

Sharing this song made my day!

Anonymous said...

Carey Landry and his wife are chaplains.

laura linger said...




OKAY!!!!!! Hi God, how do You feel today? Can You hear us, God? What is it You'd like to say?

Love, be kind, something something something...

(And now I have a nosebleed. I totally stole your graphic, too, because I want to send it to my sister, along with your link...we are both Catholic School Refugees and Landry looms large in our personal histories!)

suzbinky said...

Where is that song that says Hi God, how do you feel today? Link please! It taught me how easy it is to pray and I'm
Planning a topic for our youth ministry history: texting God

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