Wednesday, November 28, 2007

78s fRom HeLL: Don Brassfield and His Swing Sextette - 'Body By Fisher' b/w 'Surprise Special' (195?)

I can't find any handy discographical info about this record, but my gut says late 1940's - early 1950's.

(Can you help me narrow it down?)

By the fifties the Fisher Body company had stepped up their
'Body by Fisher' print ad campaigns, stressing the ' - - do they mean the car body or the girl in the picture?' angle of their selling strategy even more than they had in previous decades.

Almost to a man, Don Brassfield and the rest of his Sextette had played with some of the major American Big Bands during the 1940's, and would be much in demand as session men in the fifties and sixties.

Session personnel:
Tommy Pederson, trombone
Gus Bivona, clarinet
Tommy Todd, piano
Bob Bain, guitar
Ralph Collier, drums
Artie Shapiro, bass
Don Brassfield, tenor sax

Listen to:
Don Brassfield and His Swing Sextette, vocal by Gordon Polk - Body By Fisher (Face by Frankenstein)
(Mastertone Records 78, 195?) (click for audio)

Listen to:
Don Brassfield and His Swing Sextette -
Surprise Special

(Mastertone Records 78, 195?) (Click for audio, and forgive the skip that opens the track. Cracked record!)
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