Saturday, November 3, 2007

In Crowd of the month: The Village Stompers (1966)

The Village Stompers were a Dixieland jazz outfit in the early 1960's when they formed in New York City's Greenwich Village.

They gained attention in early 1963 with their instrumental hit single, 'Washington Square'.

Ralph Casale (banjo)
Frank Hubbell (trumpet)
Dick Brady (trombone)
Joe Muranyi (clarinet)
Mitchell May (reeds, winds)
Lenny Pogan (guitar)
Don Coates (piano)
Al McManus (drums)

Their sound and 'good-time' presentation was soon embraced by the college campus / folk-'Hootenanny' crowd, and they did much touring before disbanding sometime in 1966.

- - But now they're back!

Follow the link to The Village Stompers Official Website!

From the LP 'A Taste of Honey and Other Goodies' (Epic Records, 1966),
listen to:
The Village Stompers - The "In" Crowd (click for audio)

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