Thursday, November 29, 2007

Adspace for sponsors of 1923 U.C. Berkeley 'Blue & Gold' Yearbook

Oooh, vintage typeface and graphics!

Antiquated styles, Sunday dinner out for a dollar, "jaunty, gay-looking caps", and corny college humor!

Does it get any better than that??

Yes, I could easily linger over the student and faculty data and photos in the first 600 or so pages of this tattered yearbook, but I think it's towards the back of the book where the action is.

That's where the advertisements from the local businesses are, the ones that might tell a slightly different story of life in the twenties.

That I've spent lots of time in Berkeley certainly sweetens it for me, but I'm hoping this will give you a kick as well.

Dig in...


Jamie said...

Hamburger Joe looks kind of if he'd turn his clientele into his sandwiches!

erik hogstrom said...

I love those! As a Bay Area native who also called Sonoma County home, it is really funny seeing a Rio Nido ad in the Yosemite ad.
Can't get to Yosemite? Come up to the Russian River!

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