Thursday, November 1, 2007

Robert Benchley's 'The Social Life of the Newt', read by Bob Elliott

This essay by Robert Benchley (1889 - 1945), American humorist, author, actor, and member of New York's famed Algonquin Round Table, appeared in his book 'Of All Things', first published in 1921.

Its incisive observations are timeless in their relevance.

This recording of Benchley's work was produced in 1983, as read by Bob Elliott, one-half of the prolific and sublime comedy team of Bob and Ray.

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From 'The Best of Benchley, read by Bob Elliott'
(Caedmon LP, 1983),
Listen to:

The Social Life of the Newt (click for audio)

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(Benchley portrait by Al Hirschfeld) ⬇

"...And, after all, what more has life to offer?"

- Further ADDENDUM: By request, another Benchley classic - -

Click here and listen to "Carnival Week in Sunny Las Los"

- - read by radio humorist Henry Morgan, circa 1969.


baikinange said...

Someone needs to do a recording of my favorite Benchley essay, "Carnival Week in Las Los". That's my all time favorite.

Unknown said...

"Carnival Week in Sunny Las Los" is available on a CD read by Robert Benchley's grandson, Nat, at the web site

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