Thursday, November 15, 2007

Goodbye to Hawthorne, 1918-2007

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I had a note from Dave "Pappy" Stuckey the other day informing me that radio and TV pioneer and innovator Jim Hawthorne had passed away recently, on November 7th.

Dave directed me to the great Hawthorne audio tribute that Andrea Walsh posted on her blog,
Call BR-549.

Andrea had also set up the
Jim Hawthorne Fanpage.

I suggest you click over to those sites whether you're familiar with Hawthorne's work or not.

Hawthorne was one of the very first free-form radio deejays, doing things no one had ever done on radio back in the 1940's and '50's, when he was busy tweaking the minds of listeners in and around Los Angeles on a regular basis.

Andrea Walsh's audio post has a couple of amazing old radio airchecks available for listening.

- - Here's a link to another one:
Hawthorne & Friends on
KXLA Pasadena - June 9, 1947

Hawthorne also dabbled in novelty records, film and TV before making his way to Hawaii in the mid-1960's where he worked in children's television for several years.

- Follow the link to an obituary from the Honolulu Star Bulletin.

- And here's a small remembrance at Mark Evanier's News From Me.

From YouTube, a Denver Evening News spotlight ⬆on Hawthorne, airdate: 8/7/04

YouTube also has several Hawthorne clips from an early 1970's TV pilot. (click to link)

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Anonymous said...

Hi- I only just now found this entry. Thanks so much for posting the links and for the nice things you say about Jim. He sure was an amazing talent and a wonderful man.
All the best-
Andrea Walsh
Loyal Hoganite

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