Friday, November 16, 2007

A couple of Flying Lizards tracks (1979)

I guess it shouldn't have surprised me to discover that the first album from British
post-modern new-wave band
The Flying Lizards has long been out-of-print everywhere except Japan. It just seems wrong.

They had their big hit with the quirky, bare-bones cover of Barrett Strong's 'Money' back in '79, the one that cost them pocket change to record, the one that set a standard for their approach to several oddball cover tunes that followed.

At least at the beginning, the Flying Lizards were not so much a band as an avant-garde experiment in Pop Music conducted by musical and visual artist David Cunningham and a rotating handful of experimental musicians.

Aside from the cover tunes on that first LP, the two cuts I've selected off of side one were always my favorites on the album.

On 'TV' the personnel are:
voice - Deborah Evans
bass, organ and tibetan voice - Steve Beresford
guitar and tibetan voice - David Toop
drums - Dave Solomon
backing voices - General Strike
mouth horn and verys - Julian Marshall

- Recorded 1979; Berry St. Studio, The Cold Room, London

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From The Flying Lizards eponymous debut LP (Virgin Records, 1979),
Listen to:

The Flying Lizards - Her Story
The Flying Lizards - TV

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'The Flying Lizards - They Were a Very Different Band' seems to be partially shut down these days, but the informative 'articles & interviews' section and the discography page both still appear to be functioning fine...

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