Friday, November 16, 2007

Reasons To Be Cheerful: week of 11/16/07

1. Just this week I discovered The Perry Bible Fellowship.

I hadn't heard of the outrageous and surreal comic strip until reading a blurb about a book collection being released.

I gather that creator Nicholas Gurewitch is being hailed as 'the heir to Gary Larson'. It's high praise, but I think actually it may do a disservice to both of these stellar cartoonists.

➤ Follow the link to
The Perry Bible Fellowship Website.

2. Bob's Not There at Boogie Woogie Flu.

A thoughtful collection of a dozen or so Dylan covers. (Via Bedazzled)

Always works for me...

3. 'Kirby Monsters Never Reprinted' at Monster Blog! - - A celebration of the monster comics of Jack Kirby and Stan Lee

"Most of Jack Kirby's 188 pre-(Marvel-Age) superhero stories have been reprinted; here's the 39 that have NEVER been, in chronological order."

(via BoingBoing)

4. 'This Sporting Life', coming to DVD in January.

This 1963 film was a landmark of the British New Wave and the 'Angry Young Man' genre.

Gritty, dark, uncompromising, experimental, gripping, and beautiful.

It was director Lindsay Anderson's feature-length debut, the break-out performance for a young Richard Harris, and netted several best actress awards and nominations for Rachel Roberts.

The new region-1 DVD release will be a 2-disc affair on Criterion, full of bells and whistles, documentaries, early Anderson short films and other extra material.
Carve out a spot in your queue!

5. A nifty-spiffy home decorating project for any of us
dorky-but-handy audiophiles...

Check out 'How to Make a Wall-Mounted Record Rail', over at Nerfect.Com.

A cool and versatile way to display some of those 'sometimes a cover is enough' LPs in your collection.

6. Happily, there's almost always something new to discover about The Beatles.

I've seen a bunch of rare footage, but I'd not previously encountered their Intertel studio promotional videos.

Click on over to Bedazzled, where they've posted 'Version 2' of The Beatles' Intertel 'Day Tripper' video.

It's a telling 'performance', as The Fabs just look so exhausted, dazed, and punchy and less-than-thrilled to be stuck in a studio half-heartedly lip-synching to their records.

I did just a bit of searching and found more Intertel videos out there, including several takes of various songs including that one.

The info I'm seeing says they were filmed at Twickenham Studios on November 23, 1965.

Were they all filmed in one day? That might explain some things...

Via YouTube, take a look at the videos for 'Help' and the 'Fish & Chips session' of 'I Feel Fine'.

- You can also follow this link to some of the other Beatles Intertel videos available at YouTube.

Any further info any of you Beatlephiliacs out there can supply (or direct us to) on the story behind the Beatles' Intertel shoots is much appreciated!

7. Likely it's made the rounds a few times, but the 'error message' I saw at the Geetarz site homepage speaks to me. ⬇

I'll bet I'm not the only one... Ok then, gotta go!

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Anonymous said...

I'll be posting a bunch more Beatles Intertel promos over the coming weeks. Thanks for the link...

Spike from Bedazzled!

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