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Yma Sumac and Moises Vivanco magazine photo, 1950

Inca Princess/Peruvian Diva/Queen of Exotica
Yma Sumac gained international acclaim in 1950 with the release of her first album on Capitol Records, 'Voice of the Xtabay', showcasing her other-worldly multi-octave vocal range.

⬅ This small promo photo appeared in the November, 1950 issue of Capitol News.
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Sumac married composer/bandleader
Moises Vivanco in 1942, divorced him and remarried him in 1957, and divorced him again in 1965.

They performed and recorded in South America for several years with Compañía Peruana de Arte, Vivanco's music and dance ensemble, before moving to New York City in 1946.

In New York they formed the Inca Taky Trio with Yma's cousin, Cholita Rivero.

After signing with Capitol, Sumac was busy throughout the 1950's with live appearances and touring.

Several classic Exotica albums followed 'Xtabay' (My personal favorite is still the 'Mambo' LP from '54).

In 1951 she appeared in the Broadway musical Flahooley, which ran for a month at Manhattan's Broadhurst Theatre.

There were a few film appearances as well - - Notably, 'Omar Khayyam' in 1957, and 1954's
'Secret of the Incas' (starring Charlton Heston as the prototype for Indiana Jones), which included the performance of 'Tumpa' shown below via the YouTube clip...

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I love Yma. Have you heard her "psychedelic album" called "Miracles"?

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