Friday, November 9, 2007

Reasons To Be Cheerful: week of 11/09/07

Another week, another slew of distractions...

1. Jim Woodring's 'Pleased As Punch' adorning the cover of The Stranger.
("Seattle's Only Newspaper")

(Via The Woodring Monitor, via The Stranger's SLOG, via The Comics Reporter, via STWALLSKULL. Phew!)

(Click on image to link to an enlarged and unadulterated version of the painting.) ➤



Click to link.

(Warning: This site DOES NOT contain pornographic images, but is shocking and splendid in it's satire of those that do!)

3. Googling can lead to terrific things, like when something completely incongruous with your search pops up and surprises you.

Surprise! I just stumbled onto Fake Teeth by Dr. Bukk - - Their motto: 'Look Bad... Feel Goo-ood!'

"Why suffer just because you are rich, famous and good-looking? You can escape the uninvited sexual attention and unwanted adulation which thwart your happiness! Open new horizons for yourself!"

- - - BEFORE ⬇ - - - - - - - - - - AFTER ⬇ - - -
I have to say I'm impressed with the web site, their message, and their statements as to why their hand-crafted, meticulously designed and custom-fitted product is superior to other novelty fake teeth on the market.

I remain enchanted by the diplomacy of a friend who long ago paid me a compliment when she said she liked how I 'wore my teeth at a rakish angle', but still, I've always been a bit shy about my own slightly messed-up (real) teeth.

Hmm... Perhaps 'taking it up a notch' is just the confidence-building tactic I've been looking for.

If I 'bite', I'll let you know...

4. Are you on The Bus or off?

- - via the middle of a press release from Aquarius Records in San Francisco:

"Two stories high, crazy long, big windows on top, runs on vegetable oil, has a solar powered P.A..
An insane and insanely awesome mobile performance space.
It's an amazing thing, like nothing you've ever seen.
Getting to see a band all crammed onto the tiny stage with loads of people going crazy, inside AND on top of the bus, is
something you won't soon forget."

Check out the YouTube clip of Finnish band 'Circle' performing on The Bus in San Francisco back towards the end of September... ⬇

The Bus is based primarily out of Oakland, California, and belongs to John Benson, former bass player with A Minor Forest , now with Evil Wikkid Warrior.

Before John vegged it out, the remodeled city transit bus belonged to the Oakland Police Department, who had tried to convert it into a mobile police station.

- Here's a link to a Bus 'FAQ' page at John's MySpace blog.

- ... and here's a link to an article: 'Bus Lust' from the San Francisco Bay Guardian, 1/24/07.

- Here's the saga of a Portland, Oregon band's experience with The Bus... Wet Confetti: Craziest Show Ever! (Oakland, CA, 2/6/07)

- ... and you can follow this link to John Benson at MySpace.

Click on those links for more info and more photos and video of The Bus!

(Thanks to Mike Burma and KALX Berkeley.)

5. An update on the upcoming release of a 'George of the Jungle' DVD boxset.

According to, the complete Jay Ward animated series from 1967 will now be coming out in February of 2008.

The good news is that it will indeed contain all the 'Super Chicken' and 'Tom Slick' episodes that originally ran with the series.

Classic Media's box set's release will be timed to coincide with the premiere of a new animated 'George' series on the Cartoon Network.

I've loved every Jay Ward show I've seen, but I have an extra soft spot for the high-'60's-au-go-go camp that was all over that classic 'George' series. Looking forward...

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