Monday, November 19, 2007

There is nothing like a Truck (International Harvester print ads, 1941)

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"So round, so firm, so fully packed!" - - No wait, that was a different advertising slogan.

To my knowledge, there was no sexier American truck than those manufactured by
International Harvester...

For a truckload of other vintage IH images (photos, ads, manuals, etc.), follow the link to the McCormick-International Harvester Collection, located at the likewise fully-packed and full-on cool Galleries Section at the Wisconsin Historical Society website.


yle said...

I use IH truck parts in my art all the time. I love the aesthetic of it.

The In Crowd said...

Hey Chris - -

I like your work!

- - But I think you need to fix or update your web address...

I found you at

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