Sunday, November 18, 2007

(link:) Goober & the Peas all over the web

Can't say I was ever exactly satisfied with the term 'Cowpunk' when it was used to define the sound of Detroit's Goober & the Peas.

I can say that I always thought they were great fun. I loved the couple of albums they released while they were together, and I'll venture that they were one of the finest bands to come out of Detroit at the end of the 1980's and first part of the '90's.

It's very pleasing (and entirely appropriate) to discover that there's a truly darn fine
Goober & the Peas tribute site out there on the web. (click for link)

I only got to see them live just once. It was in '95 at the DNA Lounge in San Francisco, on a bill with Rosie Flores.

If the show list at the tribute site is close to complete, that may have been their penultimate show before the band broke up.

They were great. I remember all the straw getting kicked around the stage. I remember some folks in the crowd saying 'Wait - - That's not country music... OR rockabilly!', and I remember really not caring. I recall buying a t-shirt from Junior and enjoying talking with him for a couple of minutes...

In addition to the tribute site, be aware that Motor City Rock  1980-1990 has a very nifty
Goober & the Peas Audio Page, with just about all of the band's studio recordings archived!

Promo video clip of 'Hot Women (Cold Beer)' ⬆

This beautiful performance shot of Goober on stage was lovingly (if heedlessly) ganked from the website of Chicago Photographer Jim Newberry. ➽

See also:
A Goober & the Peas Fansite at MySpace, which displays audio, video, as well as the passing of the reins to (Tracee Mae Miller and her husband) Dan John (Goober) Miller's current band, Blanche.

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