Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Pentron: The top reel-to-reel choice for Longhairs (1953 print ad)

An appeal to the readers of Downbeat Magazine, using their own vernacular.

Like, uh... let's see, a modern equivalent...?

"More DIY emo kids and shoegazers prefer ProTools."

- - Naw, I'm probably not hep enough to quite know the proper current buzzwords.

See also:
- YouTube video clip of a different model of old Pentron in action.

- One metric butt-load of vintage audio ads and photos at The Phantom Reel-To-Reel Tape Recorder Museum!!

My Dad had a big old portable reel-to-reel when I was a little kid. It weighed about forty pounds. A Sony. It fascinated me.

He used to chase my siblings and I around with it, trying to entice us to say cute or memorable things.

I don't think we often performed quite to his expectations...

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Anonymous said...

I have a an old beat up Pentron box we keep some of our christmas decorations in. That's how I came across this web page.The top side flaps and one mainflap is off the top but laying inside the bottom. The printing on the box is Pentron Corporation chicago, Ill. and the word Mecury is in big bold letters. I can't read The Model #, it's covered by a piece of tape that has the name of the store where it was purchased (Modern Appliance--in Bayonne, NJ. The serial # is hand written on the box and still legeble. of course putting away the decorations for another year got me into a nostalgic mood. I did some searcing on the net and found a video of a working pentron--amazing to see. The recorder was purchased by my brother some where around 1958, I was around 7 and I still remember him recording my voice and listening to the playback. What a big deal that was. The recorder is long gone and unfortuneately so is my brother for the last 6 years.
The box made it to the curb for garbage pickup once and I retrieved it. How sick is that?
It's back in the attic for another year with the decorations. it's as if they are apart of the Christmas decorations now, right up there with the Lionel O gauge trains.
Just thought I'd share this with anyone who might take the time to read this. I couldn't find anything on the company, does it still exist in some form?



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