Thursday, November 8, 2007

The Moonlighters - Rush Hour (1983)

Recently I've been enjoying listening to
Bill Kirchen's latest CD, 'Hammer Of The Honky-Tonk Gods'.

Though it retains much of the 'dieselbilly' flavor of his other albums, I was surprised to find it often shows a more mellow and soulful side than what I usually associate with Kirchen.
I was also surprised to find a different line-up in his band, but pleased to discover him in familiar company - - the album is produced by Nick Lowe, and it's Lowe and his band backing up Kirchen, along with their 'common denominator', Austin DeLone. ⬇

For me, the result brings a bit of a Rockpile feel to some of the upbeat numbers, and a mood fine as wine to the quieter ones.

Hearing all of them together put me in mind of this old album by The Moonlighters, the one I hadn't heard in a while, their second album, the one that Nick Lowe had produced back in 1983.

The personnel on 'Rush Hour':
Austin DeLone: keyboards, guitar, vocals
Tony Johnson: drums, percussion, vocals
Bill Kirchen: guitar, vocals
Tim Eschliman: bass, vocals

Nick Lowe was still in Brinsley Schwarz when he met
Austin DeLone back in the very early 1970's.

DeLone and his band
Eggs over Easy had gone to London to record an LP, and became regular performers at London's Tally Ho club, where many credit them as having pioneered the British 'Pub Rock' sound.

Back in the states, several years later and following the demise of Eggs Over Easy, DeLone joined the changing line-up of the Commander Cody band, performing alongside Eschliman, Johnson and Kirchen.

The Moonlighters came together during some of the various 'on-again-off-again' years of the Cody band, and proved to be a memorable stop for the band members' ongoing game of 'musical chairs'.

From The Moonlighters' 'Rush Hour' LP
(Demon Records, 1983),
Listen to:

This Livin' Ain't Lovin'
Wait In Line
I'm Gonna Put A Bar In The Back Of My Car And Drive Myself To Drink
Coming Up On Happiness
All Tore Up
Soul Cruisin'
World To Lose
Big Noise In The Neighbourhood
Here She Comes
I Feel Like A Motor
Seven Nights To Rock
Workman On The Nighttime Shift

(click for audio)

- - OR download all 12 tracks in one 29.5 Mb zipfile.

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lil m said...

Was looking to dig into some Austin DeLone info and found ye! wow this is/was super cool, glad yer learning to share...looking forward to listening to this Moonlighters LP when I get a chance.. and trolling the rest of yer site

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