Friday, November 2, 2007

'Angela Cartwright's Story' from Jack and Jill magazine, January 1961

I like the notion of making a magazine profile for a 7-year old TV actor sound like their 'life story'...

...and I love the idea of kids in 1961 turning the pages of Jack and Jill to get the scoop on 'what makes Angela tick'.

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Had I watched more 'Lost In Space' as a kid, I likely would have developed a TV crush on
Angela Cartwright...

(I did think ⬆ Billy Mumy was the coolest kid on '60's TV. Smartest, too.)

As it was, while my friends were fixating on Angela, I was more aware of her big sister,
Veronica Cartwright...

The nice payoff came as the sisters got older.

It seems that although Veronica was the more elusive of the two to catch on the screen as a kid, as an adult it's become much easier to find her among all her various supporting roles.

- - Umm, not that I'll still fixate on screen actresses that way, you understand...

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