Wednesday, June 13, 2007

78s fRom HeLL: Dave Lambert - Hawaiian War Chant

Dave Lambert had become fluent in jazz vocalese and bop scat several years before joining ranks with Lambert, Hendricks, & Ross in 1957.

He recorded this version of 'Hawaiian War Chant' with an unidentified vocal group in New York City on 1/20/1949.

The session line-up:
Al Haig - piano,
Curly Russell - bass,
Max Roach - drums,
Vidal Bolado - conga,
Diego Ibarra - bongos, &
Dave Lambert - vocals

The song's origins go back to the 19th century, but its more widespread popularity didn't occur until the 1930's.

It's been covered countless times, showcased in myriad arrangements and varied different musical styles.

Many notable versions are listed at Space Age Pop.Com, several of which may likely also be available for listening in the astounding archive of WNYC' s 2005 Hawaiian War Chant extravaganza. (RealAudio compatible)

Listen to: Dave Lambert - Hawaiian War Chant (click for audio)


Anonymous said...

Mahalo for this, Mr. In Crowd. That is the swingin'est version of HWC that I've ever heard.

Anonymous said...

I agree w/ MrBaliHai, but the pic is taken from Dave's group, Lambert & Company during their one and only audition for RCA in '64. None of the singers on HWC are pictured except Dave. But still......thanks for posting! I just had to make it known. Jo Stafford is actually singing in the group on this recording.

The In Crowd said...

Hey anonymous - -

Thanks for pointing that out and properly ID'ing that photo!

As I recall back from '07 when I posted this, I googled about looking for a vintage photo of Lambert that didn't show him with Jon Hendricks and Annie Ross. This was as close as I got (and I dig the beard), and it seemed wrong to crop out the other vocalists.

I believe my thinking at the time was that I could leave out that (relatively) minor detail to keep the flow of the post brief and to the point.

Besides, the comments section is a much better place for long-winded explanations anyway...

...So has anyone got a photo of pre-LH&R Dave Lambert from around 1949?

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