Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Ruth Buzzi & Arte Johnson - Don't Futz Around / Very Interesting - - plus a small shrine to Ruth

I've always had a thing for Ruth Buzzi.

There, I've said it, and I feel better. Regardless of how lowbrow or oddball the old TV show or movie, it always makes me happy to see her appear.

Way back on Rowan & Martin's Laugh-In, the more they'd try to convince me that Ruth was frumpy or plain as compared with Goldie Hawn or Judy Carne, the more I'd have to disagree.

I think part of my response was the old thing about a confident attitude. Ruth Buzzi was always only too willing to make herself look ridiculous, and it always seemed like she really had fun doing so.

Yep, it's a turn-on. Makes her sexy. And it doesn't matter if her exuded confidence was real or imagined. It worked on me.

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The text piece below is taken from the February, 1969 issue of the short-lived 'Laugh-In' magazine.⬇

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In recent years it seems Ms. Buzzi's appearances on TV have been mostly on children's shows and doing voice-over work in animation. Sounds appropriate enough.

It still just makes me happy to know she's out there.

A couple of other places you'll find Ruth Buzzi around the net:

Here's a link to an interview over at RetroCRUSH.

- - And here's something *really* unusual: Excerpts from Ruth Buzzi's 1954 High School Yearbook, at a site which also includes shots of Buzzi doing poses in a 1978 yoga manual...!?! ↙

As Gladys Ormphby, with Arte Johnson as Tyrone F. Horneigh ⬇

Which brings us to Arte Johnson.
I love him too, for many of the same reasons, though he doesn't hold *quite* the same allure for me. But again, the perception is that being funny comes naturally, he makes it look easy, so he's fun to watch.

- - And so it worked well as a comedic partnership.

A side-note: I really hope Arte Johnson's been receiving royalties for the countless crossword puzzles he's appeared in over the past few decades...

Looks like Ruth and Arte released this single on the Reprise label in 1968, right around the time that 'Laugh-In' was enjoying its first big wave of success.

My copy of the 45 has always been rather worn, I've done my best to try and clean up the crappy sound fidelity.

Yes, they are singing the word 'Futz', make no mistake.

A definition of 'to futz around' is perhaps best represented as being identical to 'fool around': To spend time idly, aimlessly, or frivolously.

On 'Very Interesting' Arte is in character as Wolfgang, the German soldier, while Ruth giggles in the background.

Basically they're covering the same territory as Jim Backus and 'friend' Phyllis Diller back in 1958 on 'Delicious'. (Thanks to The Hound)

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Listen to:
Ruth Buzzi & Arte Johnson -
Don't Futz Around

Listen to:
Arte Johnson & Ruth Buzzi -
Very Interesting

UPDATE, 10.1.08: Just a few more Ruth images added for good measure, just for fun.

The three illustrations above ▲ are all by artist Rod Filbrandt, as seen at his
cartooning / illustration blog,
Chowderhead Bazoo.

One is #11 in Rod's
'Ultimate Superstar Trading Card' series, the other two appeared in Vancouver B.C.'s weekly newspaper, The Georgia Straight.

UPDATE, 4.19.09: For more info about one less-remembered Ruth project, Follow this link to see the theater program from 1972's ill-fated 'Clownaround'.


Craig D said...

Same goes for Andrea Martin, don'tcha think?

Great post!

SwaG! said...

It is this level, as well as style, of obsession that makes the internets my tubes of choice.

I'm secretly hot for Amy Sedaris, though instantly turned off when she makes that Jeri Blank face.

Anonymous said...

wow - this is incredible!

thank you so much for the audio -


Anonymous said...

love ruth buzzi......lost saucer......

Anonymous said...

I thought maybe Ruth Buzzi has a better figure than Goldie Hawn, and sometimes I wish SHE had worn the bikini and body paint on "Rowan and Martin's 'Laugh-In'"
...And don't forget about Judy Carne's single on Reprise 0680, "Sock It To Me"/"Right Said Fred"!!

Anonymous said...

oh, where can we find the judy carne single? i'd love to hear that.

The In Crowd said...

The a-side is on YouTube:

Looks like the accompanying video footage was taken from the odd Sears/Roebuck 'Freeze-In' training film:

Anonymous said...

I added a link for your blog on Ruth's Facebook fansite profile.

The In Crowd said...

Thanks for sharing, John!

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