Friday, June 22, 2007

Reasons To Be Cheerful: week of 06/22/07

1. Tears Of The Black Tiger. I mentioned a few weeks back that I was looking forward to this film's US-region 1 DVD release.
I finally got a chance to watch it the other night. It's amazing, a special, exotic confection of a film.

If you've not heard of it, it's something of a Thai spaghetti-western, released in 2000, mixing astonishing use of stunning color imagery with action, violent and gory special effects, epic romance and surrealism.
A darn good time.

If some of the film's references to Thai folklore and its homages to Thai film are lost on me, the fascination is not.
If anything, it makes it come off as even more otherworldly. That quality fits well with the unique saturated colors achieved through a complex process involving transfering the film stock to beta video and later back to film.

Put the DVD on your list, in your queue, whatever - - but check it out if you get the opportunity. It's something different from what you've seen!

2. I was one of the faithful, lined up around the block in 1977, but I've never thought of myself as *too* much of a Star Wars geek.

That being said, darned if I didn't get a surprisingly big kick out of last Sunday's 'Robot Chicken Star Wars Special' on Cartoon Network's Adult Swim.

Click the link and check out some clips, if you missed it. I'd already been warming up to the show, but this clever concoction put me over the top.

3. Sally Timms! She makes me happy, even if her songs are often not what one would call 'cheery'.

I'll always tend to be interested in any of the recorded output of all that Mekons crowd. Fortunately they tend to be prolific; Seems that Jon Langford and crew are always releasing a new record.

It's been almost three years now since Sally Timms' album 'In The World Of Him' came out, but I was just having another listen to it the other day. It's still working for me, it's *still* growing on me. Her voice and phrasing are stunning, haunting.

I've just happily discovered that there are some nice live recordings of Timms in concert available over at the Internet Archive site. Dig in, have a listen!

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