Friday, June 22, 2007

George 'Wild Child' Butler - Open Up Baby

George 'Wild Child' Butler
(1936-2005) came from rural Alabama and began performing in the late 1950's.

He performed steadily for decades, but didn't achieve too much commercial success until the late 1980's, when well-seasoned elder bluesmen were coming back into vogue.

These few selections are from a down & dirty harp-driven blues album issued on the Charly label back in 1985, collecting tracks recorded in Chicago between 1966-'68.

They'd originally been released on a handful of 45's on the Jewel record label, the sessions produced by the legendary Willie Dixon.

To back Butler's vocals and harmonica in the studio, Dixon gathered together some of the elite blues session men in Chicago at the time, including Jimmy Dawkins, Phil Upchurch, Johnny Twist, and
Cash McCall, as well as Big Walter Horton to carry the lion's share of blues harp alongside Butler's vocals.

Some blistering tough stuff!

Listen to: George 'Wild Child' Butler, from the Charly reissue LP 'Open Up Baby':

Open Up Baby
Axe And The Wind
Jelly Jam
Hold Me Baby
Put It All In There
Hippy Playground

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- - OR download all 6 tracks in one 14.1MB zipfile.

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