Thursday, June 28, 2007

Wonderful World of Disney Summer Schedule, 1968

I remember many Sunday nights as a kid when it seemed that 'The Wonderful World of Disney' on TV was a given - - as though it was mandatory viewing.

I recall an exciting mix of feelings on the occasions when my family *didn't* watch it. Confusion, like there was something amiss, mixed with an almost illicit thrill, like whatever was happening instead was somehow forbidden fruit. I guess growing up in front of a television set conditions you pretty quickly.

The scan above is of a page from the Disney News, Summer 1968 edition. A flea market find from a couple of weekends back.

It was "The Official Magazine for Magic Kingdom Club Families", just for those elite insiders, a privilege of membership along with discounts on ticket books at Disneyland. (Back when Disneyland rides required tickets)

Judging by the TV viewing fare Disney offered that summer, I wonder if they had some sort of title generator around the production office. Or maybe they liked Mad Libs...

"(Name), the (adjective) (animal)"

Try it at home! Program your own late-sixties family-forward viewing!

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