Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Feodor Rojankovsky illustrated print ad, 1947

Illustrator Feodor Stepanovich Rojankovsky's work appeared in a great many children's books dating from the early 1940's until his death in 1970.

Here's an example from a 1947 magazine ad for Puss n' Boots cat food...

There are several places around the web where you can read about the artist and see other (better) examples of his work.

There's a good listing to be found at the ASIFA-Hollywood Animation Archive.

His Wikipedia entry has several further links cited, including some of the notable erotic drawings from his book, 'Paris Spring'.

Here's the link to a nice Rojankovsky gallery page, which it turns out is nested at the VERY impressive 'Alphabet of Illustrators' site, which in turn is one part of a HUGE site, 'The Visual Telling of Stories', some of which appears to be still under construction - - AND is itself also part of a further even more immense graphic art site still under construction. Golly Gosh - - PLEASE EXPLORE!!

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