Sunday, June 24, 2007

Collage art of David Peters, 1981 -1983

I'll guess that like many, the first place I can remember seeing the art of David Peters was on the short-lived ABC-TV sketch comedy show 'Fridays', back in the early 1980's.

He supplied memorable collage and animation work for the program's opening titles and commercial break cutaways. To my recollection, it was sometimes the most memorable part of the show, and like the show, steeped in a very west-coast, very '80's new-wave style.

Peters was born in Los Angeles in 1949, and over the years his work has appeared in video and film animation, magazines, and on album covers.

These images are from his '1984 and Beyond' wall calendar, printed in 1983 by Great Northern Publishing.

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Get Along Little Doggie ⬆

Meditation ➚

Inter-View ➚

Rocket Motel ➚

Self Portrait ➚

The Next Step ➚

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From what little information I've been able to find, David Peters continued in the field of collage, photography and animation, eventually turning to illustration via the computer.

His interests in aviation and vintage aircraft restoration has led him to 3-dimensional artwork.

Some of Peters' recent sculptural work can be seen online at the del Mano gallery website, along with biographical information covering some of the lifetime of achievements the artist has had in the intervening years since these images were made.

(further linkage) If you like the collage work of David Peters, you may also enjoy checking out The Montage Art of Winston Smith.

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