Saturday, June 9, 2007

Julie Newmar article from Whisper magazine, July 1961

I suppose it was only a matter of time before some reference was made on this blog to Julie Newmar.

Guys of my generation, with my interests - - eventually her name is gonna come up.

Despite a lack of screen time, Newmar's breakout film appearance had come playing Stupefyin' Jones in the 1959 movie version of "Li'l Abner".

She was reprising the role she'd originated in 1956 in the Broadway musical.

The 1961 magazine article shown below publicizes Newmar's next movie role.

In the film version of "The Marriage-Go-Round", she'd once again reappear in a part she'd played on the stage.

The next few years would bring another movie and several TV appearances, including one season playing Rhoda the robot on the 1964-65 sitcom, "My Living Doll".

It was 1966 when she'd occasionally slink around the 'Batman' set wearing the catsuit that made the hearts of little boys (and girls) of all ages go pitter-pat for decades to follow, thus solidifying her cult figure status.

Here's a link to a fansite photo gallery to distract you further.

As to this old tabloid magazine, when the issue pictured here came out, Whisper was only a shadow of its former lurid and libelous self. Here's a link to Nick Tosches' article about publisher Robert Harrison and the genesis of his magazines, Whisper and Confidential.

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(ADDENDUM, 8/14/07: I recently found another small Julie Newmar photo-article, from 1957, dating back to her Broadway appearances in the role of Stupefyin' Jones.
Click here to check it out!)


Anonymous said...

Large, Economy size sex...? Can I get that at Costco?
This is great, I love Julie Newmar.

Craig D said...

Is it just me, or does Ed Sullivan and Jack Paar look like members of the Bloods 'n' Crips having a show down.

Ed seems to be saying, "Look here, Mr. Pizzarr. I have a really big shoe. A really big shoe up yo ass!"

To which, Jack would reply, "
I kid you not, Ed. My niggaz n I wizzay takes you out. You n tizzy sissy boi Paley!"

Peace out, dead TV hosts!

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