Friday, June 8, 2007

Reasons To Be Cheerful: week of 06/08/07

1. Roadtrip!

Car gassed, bag packed, snacks stowed, tunes picked, shades ready, Vrooom! Soon to be off into the trackless wastes betwixt hither and yonder.

Hopefully I won't be too late to catch a piece of pie at The Griddle while I'm passing through Winnemucca...

2. CLAW Theatre!! Behold! Check it out!

Again, again, again, bless this internet for all the places it can take you and the surprising things you can stumble upon.

So okay; I'd had a dream that somehow involved Much, The Miller's Son, a character from the stories of Robin Hood. Except that in my modern-dress dream, his name had been updated to 'Mutch Millerson'. What EVER.

I was discussing it with a friend as we did some hunting online for a bit of 'Much' info, (there's an odd sentence) when lo and behold - - We found ourselves at the CLAW Theatre 'production' of Robin Hood, one of several elaborately 'staged' photoshop-enhanced performances with an ALL CAT cast.
Wow. SO much to see and learn. Thank you!

3. Two new volumes have appeared recently in Sundazed's 'Garage Beat '66' CD compilation series, and they do not disappoint. Seven CDs so far, and they still kick!

'Garage Beat '66 Vol.6: Speak of the Devil...' and 'Garage Beat '66 Vol.7: That's How It Will Be!' are the latest, chock full of garage/psyche goodness. All killer, no filler.

Wailing fuzzy-gut guitars, some dudes affecting Brit accents, trying to sing like Mick, some dudes trying to sing like Dylan, other dudes just howling. Perfectly obscure 45-oriented mid-to-late '60's rawk, all in glorious mono sound.

I've been impressed by the Garage Beat '66 series from the get-go. On the one hand, yes, many of the artists happen to be represented on their own individual Sundazed label reissues - - the label has made some handy samplers that can point you to more of their own product. But the material and its sequencing is really well-chosen, and these artists truly are not of the 'usual suspects' you'll often find on other garage comps.

For me, this series is second only to (any incarnation of) the Nuggets compilation. Dig it!

(Garage power trio illustration by the ever-fabulous Wayno.)

4. Bad weather, like bad moods, can't last forever. It just seems that way. The only constant is change.

*** A brief Vanity Moment, if I may:
Just over 100 posts and just over 5000 hits since I began this blog just about 2½ months ago.
Whee! THANK YOU for visiting, THANK YOU for allowing me to share.
I'll slow down my pace (or burn out) any day now, just wait...

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