Friday, June 8, 2007

Okay! Enough With The David Seville, Already: Selections from 'The Music of David Seville'

Okay, just one more post relating to David Seville, promise - - at least for now.

Yesterday I horned in on some of Record Robot's action as I pointed you to their recent post focusing on Ross (David Seville) Bagdasarian's 1966 non-Chipmunk LP.

Recording as David Seville, he'd had a PRE-Chipmunk LP released in 1954, also on the Liberty record label.

It was divided up between originals and covers, some bouncy and some syrupy, mostly instrumental, and it included a few of his beloved 'B-Side' cuts.

You can link to a detailed Japanese Chipmunk shrine to check out the liner notes, written by Seville's pesky cousin, that *other* American national treasure.

- - And you can hear a few selected tracks here...

(click for audio)

From the LP 'The Music of David Seville', Listen to:

Pretty Dark Eyes
Camel Rock
Third Man Theme

(click for audio)

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