Friday, June 29, 2007

Reasons To Be Cheerful: week of 06/29/07 - - Special Horn-Tootin' Link-Laden Vanity Edition

I'm continually amused and fascinated by the manner in which the internet is forever swallowing its own tail.

Always self-referencing itself, citing what its already said, pointing to others who are pointing back, ad infinitum...

...So by all means, let me add to the process! Repetition is the sincerest form of blogging.

THANK YOU for visiting my blog. I'm having great fun doing it, and it's very gratifying that so many others seem to be enjoying looking at it.

I've had some WONDERFUL feedback and comments from people, and have been surprised to be making new acquaintances with folks out there. Just this week I received a sweet comment on one of my earliest postings, and it's the sort of thing that represents EXACTLY why I bother erecting a blog at all.

Please hit this link and take a moment to read Tim's comment appearing after the post.

It was just about three weeks ago that I excitedly declared that 'I'm Learning To Share' had passed the 5,000 hits mark, so you can imagine how giddy I am to now report that a couple of days ago that number reached 20,000 visits.

The increasing traffic has been due to other blogs, forums, and websites linking to this site - - some in their sidebar 'blogrolls', and many of them repeating individual postings.

There've been several, and I'll admit I've become obsessed with trying to track some of the action. The seeming lack of rhyme or reason to the *timing* has been especially interesting, as sometimes there'll be a sudden flurry of activity for something I posted weeks or months ago.

By far the biggest spike in traffic has come from the '70's Ebony Magazine Fashion Ads piece I posted here a couple of weeks back, (It's also come to be known as the 'Eleganza' piece) which was picked up (and expanded upon!) by the deservedly well-traveled Boing Boing.

Once it had showed up there, it has in turn been traveling the globe at various other sites. As of this writing, it seems to be doing well in Russia.

I've been having fun visiting all these diverse sites that have been visiting here, and I've seen some cool and colorful things - - so I've listed some of them below for you to enjoy as well.

Maybe you'll see yourself! Smile and wave!

Most of these listed links have linked to my site pretty recently, a few go back two or three months. I've left out some of the sites I've ALREADY posted links to in my own sidebar's blogroll. I've also left out some of the forums and chat sites, and some of the more 'personal' blogs, like the woman near Lake Tahoe with all the forest fire reports and wedding photos. Or the site titled 'The Peculiar One', which - - though a perfectly charming list-o-links blog - - carries perhaps a tad more gay porn than I *personally* am looking for...

- I was aready familiar with the delicately lovely, often sultry Spanish site Mira y Calla; I've been visiting there off and on for a couple of years. I'm pleased as punch to have them steer their impressive list of colorful and curious links in my direction.

- Likewise I'm stoked by inclusion at the oft-visited the Percy Trout hour. Pop-culture aritfacts, the kind men like, from one of the stalwart PCL LinkDump's contributors.

- Says Dave, Editor-In-Chief of The Alien Intelligencer, "...This blog is about the future now, politics, humor, sustainability, Tampa (Florida), Seminole Heights, and refurbishing the house."

- I love the new title given to that pimp-tastic Eleganza fashion piece over at Artificially Important: 'Mitch Better Have My Bunny'. The stylin' outfits also seemed to fit right in amidst the fashion, design, and lifestyle found at Italy's

- Yet another 'A.I.'; A spin on world news and pop-culture at AmericanIdle | DaBoyZ gone Idle

- Somehow darkly compelling strangeness at the recently erected (?) Turksville.

- It could be a while before Chelsea and the Fat Cop reveals it's hidden meanings to me, but I enjoyed visiting.

- Though still mysterious, KahlilaGibran's philosophy seems more apparent.

- As a comix fanboy, I was way freakin' excited to have been noticed by artist
Steven Weissman at his 'Yikes' etc. blog, CHEWING GUM IN CHURCH. I love his stuff, don't you? I hear he's got a new book, 'Mean', coming out this fall, compiling some older material...

- And speaking of the extended alterno-comix world, that's the purview of the lovely and friendly Crawbear.

- Check out poster artist Tyler Stout's work at his blog/gallery/store,

- Puppies and Flowers is a *perfect* diverse diversion, and it sums up it's 'mission statement' well: "...for when you need to think of something else in a hurry."
See also: Internet Lurker - - Mr. and Mrs. Lurker's credo; "Helping You To Waste Some Time!"

- el6ato y el7opo; another diverting mix of whimsy, news, and pictures pretty and/or racy. In Italian. Vaguely similar is Anders Buhl from Copenhagen, but with less news and more retro pop-culture stuff.

- Likewise for LasMusas, but in Spanish, and not really racy. Ditto for O comments.

- Similar vibe from tannu-tuva, 'a 22 year-old guy in Istanbul, Turkey', with a great mix of highbrow and lowbrow.

- is a very useful, wide-ranging and very drab-looking link pasting community board.

- The multi-lingual Elephäntville - formerly known as Netdyslexia is pretty much the same concept, though lighter in mood and much easier on the eye.
Same goes for Daily Links but it's just the one link wrangler there, and it's in English.
See also Judson Frondorf's ackackack, ditto and the archives at Pete

- c h e w i e . t u m b l r . c o m; Chewie has a good sense of humor about the bits and pieces he's gathered, but seems a bit angry. Might need a hug.
I don't know, nevermind. They've probably got opinions about what I need, too...

- They grow'em hip in Texas; (or is it hep?) Dallas and Fort Worth Mid-Century Modern, "A blog devoted to Mid-Century Modern design, culture and architecture in the Metroplex, Texas and beyond."

- Sandbox World (The Entertainment Playground), "... in a metaphorical sense, is a place that is safe for play or experiment. Sandbox’s main purpose is to entertain both parents and kids to the new books, DVDs, comics, and fun facts and new ideas to share with each other."

- Bat Guano's BraiN! is a video-clip laden blog affiliated with Mr. Guano's radio show on WIDR in Kalamazoo, Michigan.

- The wonderful JB's Warehouse and Curio Emporium celebrates a nice variety of ephemeral odds & ends, as well as the environs in and around the city of Toronto. Stop by and visit!

- What a treat to discover Schadenfreudian Therapy! Sign me up, doc! "Featuring 1950-60s vintage Calypso music, various & sundry musical oddness, and kitsch monstrosities from years gone by. Yeah, buddy." Amen!

- And Monkeys For Helping is just the perfect, smart-ass, too-cool-for-school giggle I need in my life. Glad it's out there.

- I am a citizen insane appears to have just been established a couple of weeks ago, but shows promise. Interesting images. Love the Milo Manara poster.

- I'm completely fascinated by the Eyebeam reBlog. "Distilling Art and Technology". Perfect. They can be tech-nerds so we don't have to. See also's Tech News.

- is one of the several aforementioned Russian sites that have just recently linked to the Eleganza thing. This one seems the user-friendliest to my Western eyes, which is good, as it appears I'm too lazy to run the page through a translator. Actually, with the mix of images - - serious, hauntingly beautiful, and just plain silly - - that they've harvested, I guess I'd rather let the mystery be...

- ...But it must be just my own plain laziness in the case of UrbanMania, 'cuz I'm really curious. I'll take a stab and say - - Icelander living in London and doing a lot of traveling - - ? I see urban living and urban accessories, lots of coffee, eclectic travel photos and interesting musical tastes. Fair enough.

OH!! But before I wrap this up, here's a story I don't know if you heard...

To me, the funniest incident of my blog being linked elsewhere would still have to be related to the 'Venus' vs. 'The Banjo Song' post that ran way back in April.

My blog was still pretty new, and it was the first time it started to receive any significant international attention.

The timing of my piece on a strange similarity between two songs coincided with a segment on Dutch TV on the same topic which ran a few days later.

(LINK here, and scroll down the page to the Leo Blokhuis clip, which you can view on your Windows Media Player)

I started getting lots of hits coming in from The Netherlands and Belgium, and as my post made the rounds, someone sent a note to 'Podfather' Adam Curry at his studios in England.

Here's a link to the specific episode of his podcast, but here's the audio clip where Curry reads from my blog.

I couldn't figure out which was funnier; to recall that the big-haired MTV veejay had become a pioneer of internet broadcasting, or that the same dude was now reading aloud something I'd written about an obsure piece of music trivia.

Life is full of little surprises, I guess.

Sharing is fun, and it seems others agree.
Thanks for the links, all, and thanks again for visiting. See you out there!


Phil Turk said...

Thanks for the nod to "Turksville."

"I'm Learning To Share!" is a blast (and an education)!

Anonymous said...

Well, conga-rats on your well-deserved success on the internets! I wish I knew your secret.

Anonymous said...

Really enjoying your blog a great deal! Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much for sharing your thoughts. It is always great pleasure to read your posts.

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