Thursday, June 14, 2007

BOMP! Magazine, 1978: William Stout cover art, assorted LP ads, etc.

⬆'Powerpop Personified:
An idealization by artist William Stout'.

For a time during the 1970's, Stout had been art director at the seminal music fanzine Bomp, working under editor/publisher Greg Shaw.

This was simultaneous with some of his album cover illustration and underground comix work, but before the bulk of his amazing dinosaur art for which he seems to be primarily known today.

Many memories bubble up leafing through Bomp's record reviews and charts and print ads from a couple of 1978 issues I've had for ages.

I love how punk and new wave and power pop and 'stadium' rock are all happily lumped together in its pages. If the music's good it's all fair game...

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⬆SO COOL! From March 1978, music charts based on poll responses from BOMP's readers.
Dang, there were giants in them days. So many treasured 'golden oldies'...

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Looking online, you can find a few more BOMP Magazine images and clippings over at Rock Critics.Com.

ADDENDUM 7/18/07: A new book by Suzy Shaw and Mick Farren, "BOMP, Saving the World One Record at a Time" is due to be released this October from Ammo Books.

The book is an overview / history of the magazine and it's place in pop culture history, loaded with vintage reproductions of text and images, as well as recent recollections from the people who were there.

I'll look forward to checking it out!

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Anonymous said...

I remember that Bomp cover well. I used to hang out at Bomp's record store back in the 70s, along with a whole lot of other incipient punks. Greg and Suzy Shaw were great boosters of the LA alternative music scene.

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