Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Two B. Kliban cartoons circa 1974, and one concert poster from 1967

Maybe it's just me, but perhaps the world needs B. Kliban now more than ever.

Well, I suppose his Cats have never quite left us.

But HE did, back in 1990, and it just seems wrong to not see his cartoons around much anymore.

To look at them now, many of them still seem rooted to a much different era, but I'd say it's in the best sense of the term.

I found these two in a couple of old 1970's OUI magazines. (There's a blast from the past)

To the best of my knowledge, they've not seen print since then.

Having found them, I began to nose around the web in preparation for this post.

I was SHOCKED to discover that not only have most of Kliban's non-Cat books been long out of print, but some of them have become difficult to find used, as well.

Seems like not too long ago you couldn't swing an old Cat calendar without hitting a copy of 'The Biggest Tongue In Tunisia' or 'Luminous Animals'...

Not surprisingly, there's a reasonable showing of Kliban stuff to be found on display around the net.

Here's a nice article attached to a fan site gallery.

Here's his entry at Lambiek.

- - And coincidentally, as luck would have it, June is B. Kliban month at the blog, Updateable Mixtape.

This image of Kliban's 1967 Avalon Ballroom concert poster comes via a Country Joe & The Fish website.

I've seen a couple of examples of Kliban's earlier artwork, and I'd love to find more.

I can remember seeing one or two of his mid-1960's cartoons somewhere as well, displaying a nearly unrecognizeable earlier style.

I'm hoping to lay hands on them before my attempts at recalling where it was that I'd seen them drives me *too* crazy...

(or is it too late?)


Andrew said...

Weird. It must be in the air. I've just been inexplicably but very enjoyably digging out my old Kliban books and ranting on to everyone about what a ripoff artist that Gary Larson was. I loved K's stuff as a teenager, and find that it's held up surprisingly well. I only found out a few days ago that he died in 1990. It's really a shame; I was considering writing my first fan letter to him.

Sazji said...

an old post but I have to comment too...I loved Kliban and have been searching the internet for "Alas the Madonna does not function." (Ingles). Anyone have it?

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