Sunday, June 3, 2007

Rutland Patching Plaster ad, 1947

From a 1947 issue of The Saturday Evening Post.

Does this lady look just a tad speedy to you?

"...and then last night I re-painted the bathrooms and wall-papered the attic and it's just so easy to get things DONE when you put your mind to it not a bit sleepy and I figured since I've still got oh probably about ninety-six hours left on my little run well say eighty-seven to ninety-eight hours maybe but who's counting anyway so I figured that as long as I'm UP and feeling MOTIVATED why don't I just patch up these nasty holes that got in the walls somehow I can almost remember how they got there did I do it upset about something spiders maybe spiders watching me I don't know maybe doesn't matter doesn't matter I just LOVE this patching plaster it smells SO much better than the other stuff I used that reminds me of that time when was it doesn't matter now but ANYWAY it reminds me..."

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Craig D said...

Well, seeing as how she was from Rutland, perhaps she was all "hopped up" on tea..?

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