Friday, June 1, 2007

Reasons To Be Cheerful: week of 06/01/07

At the risk of this weekly (weakly?) post sounding even MORE like Peggy Hill's 'Musings' column;

1. Going Back To Bed, and hopefully a schedule that can allow for it.
Or better yet, Uninterrupted Sleep.

2. The Junk Drawer. In your kitchen or wherever.
A designated clutter-friendly zone.
Go ahead, organize it. I dare you. See how long that lasts.

3. PLAY is an important thing.
There's lots of krazy places to play on the internet.
There's people trying to sell you things, see, and often they'll supply DEMOS for their product.

It might be something sorta obnoxious that you'd never really want to use for it's intended purpose, but it can be loads of silly fun to tinker around with it in that demo area. Y'know what I mean?

- - and if you can type in any juvenile and depraved message for it to parrot back to you in a weird Hawking-esque voice? Now THAT'S a good time.

You gots to be careful about demos and getting suckered into 'free' trial periods, though. Otherwise you might wind up paying for a bunch of crap, when alls you were looking for was a gadget to play with...

(ADDENDUM 6/15/07: My 'free' trial ended, so my creepy little animated spokesfreaks have been removed)


Anonymous said...

You're very sexy; however, since when does one start a week on a Friday?

The In Crowd said...

It's Friday!! What better time to mark a week!?!

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