Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Bent Fabric - The Midnight Sun Will Never Set, and other selections from 'The Happy Puppy'

I loves me some Bent Fabric.

(Mr. Fabric, then) ➔ ➔

Always the proper measurements of schmaltz mixed with sprightliness and whimsy, tempered by intricately-crafted simplicity, and - - oh yeah, masterful piano playing.

'The Happy Puppy' was his second US-released LP, coming in 1962 hot on the heels of his hugely popular first album and its title track, 'Alley Cat'.

Born in Copenhagen, Denmark, Bent Fabric (aka Bent Fabricius-Bjerre) formed a small jazz combo soon after the end of WWII, while in his early twenties.

In 1950 he founded Metronome, which would become Denmark's premier record label. Fabric would continue on to great success as record executive, composer, recording artist, and as host of his own show on Danish TV.

In 1958 the Metronome label released recordings made in Stockholm of 25-year-old American jazz artist Quincy Jones collaborating with Swedish big band leader Harry Arnold.

Among the songs they performed was Quincy Jones' composition 'The Midnight Sun Will Never Set'. While Jones was living and working in Europe, he'd written the song with singer/lyricist Henri Salvador. (Salvador's vocal version was released as 'Soleil De Minuit'.)

I've always loved the tune, especially Bent Fabric's quietly haunting instrumental version. During my years deejaying at KALX I'd throw it into the mix often.

(Mr. Fabric, now) ➔ ➔

Now approaching his mid-eighties, Bent Fabricius-Bjerre is still active and still performing.

I can only imagine what sort of 'national treasure' status he surely must hold in Denmark these days...

From Bent Fabric's LP, 'The Happy Puppy' (Atco Records, 1962), listen to:

Zero Zero

The Midnight Sun Will Never Set

Love Is Just Around The Corner

Tip Toe Serenade

(click for audio)

(In choosing selections to offer from the LP, I've avoided a few that are currently in print on the 'Very Best of Bent Fabric & His Piano' CD)

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