Thursday, July 5, 2007

Trix And Nothingness: 1957 print ad

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- - Or: 'When you gaze for long into a bowl of Trix, the abyss gazes also into you'.

- - Or: 'Silly rabbit, nihilism's for kids!'

Seriously, though. Not to overstate the matter, but there seems to be something sinister afoot in this full-page magazine ad from '57.

When's the last time you read an advertisement that acknowledged the potential for breakfast to be 'ghastly'?

As to the little girl's demeanor; Mom knows Trix will brighten her mood. Perhaps a sounder campaign approach would be for the ad to show the 'after' shot? Or both? I'm just saying...

As it is, the girl's appearance suggests she might be grappling with issues beyond merely breakfast, and perhaps for good reason.

Mom is preparing to modify her daughter's behavior with fruit-flavored sugar. The ad suggests that the child will 'fall in love' with her bowl of Trix.

Problem solved, food equals love.

Foolproof, 'cuz nothing ever goes wrong with love, especially when mixed with an eating disorder, right?
And patterns like these don't linger as a child grows older, right?

Happy, happy, happy, of course life has meaning, dear. No, we're not alone in the universe, don't be such a silly. Now cheer up and eat your bowl of angst, like a good girl.

To quote poet Marti Stephen, from 'In The Terrible Act Of Eating';

"No one will love you as much as the food on your plate."

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Gavin Elster said...

Milk and fruit flavors can't remove "Bad Touch"

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