Saturday, July 28, 2007

Reasons To Be Cheerful: week of 07/27/07 - - Comic-Con Edition

I'm still having a blast here in San Diego. Let me take a moment to relate a few of the cool things I've seen this week, Comic-Con related and otherwise...

1. This guy. ➤ ➤

There's been a ton of folks in great costumes at the Con, but this guy has been far and away my favorite so far.

I haven't yet had the right opportunity to accost him for clarification, but basically he's Galactus in a business suit.
It's the briefcase and black executive kilt that really complete the costume.

I'd like to think that maybe he's actually Galactus' brother, Skip.
The one who went to business school instead of following the family trade of consuming planets.

2. Speaking of convention attire, if I may be allowed, I must say the cleavage on display in the aptly-named exhibition hall has been fascinating. Not merely for its presence, but the amazing variety. Women of all sizes and shapes, some of them here in a professional capacity, some costumed, many in street clothes.

There's ample bodiced or bustiered cleavage that looks like it's being presented on a dessert platter, there are tiny women jostling through the crowds and constantly tugging at their strapless gear to keep it up. There's all variety of fantasies being played out and often it seems to involve exposed flesh. There are the average-looking dudes who - - pardon me - - are all but carrying a leash as they proudly lead their semi-naked girlfriends around the convention floor.

I remember when you rarely saw women at comics or sci-fi conventions. It's gratifying to see more people of all types enjoying this stuff now. It's finally hip to be a nerd, and I'll venture that nowhere do they feel as welcome as at Comic-Con.

I've always loved that for many it seems to be some sort of oasis or free zone, where anyone can indulge by dressing up or just being their 'true' selves. It's wonderful that people who may not be thought of as attractive by customary standards arrive here and are comfortable enough among their own to strut around and expose their playful or sensual side.

3. Networking and name-dropping.

It's been especially fun for me to meet up with some of the folks I've corresponded with via this blog.

Comics creator Steven Weissman was great to gab with yesterday, as was 'the Monster Engine guy', illustrator Dave DeVries.
(click his name to link to his new illustration website)

I swung by artist Rick Geary's table in 'Artist's Alley' and said hello and picked up some great postcards and the new Gumby comics he's done with Flaming Carrot's Bob Burden.

Walking along and cruising the aisles, it was a treat to see Lou Ferrigno signing autographs and flexing his muscles for little kids who needed explanations from parents as to who he is.

I was very pleased to spot B-movie legend, actor Sid Haig in the crowd, I walked up and shook his hand and thanked him for all his great work.

Heading back to my hotel room the other day I saw Stan Lee and his ever-lovin' entourage heading for the lounge.

- - and at breakfast yesterday morning I was seated next to the Hernandez Brothers, creators of Love & Rockets. I waited until I was leaving to briefly say hello and tell them their work just keeps getting better.

I tend to be very shy about bothering 'famous' people. I hate to pester, but sometimes you just gotta let them know, y'know?

MEANWHILE, out in the 'real' world:

4. Maybe one of your friends has already sent you a YouTube link to that cute dancing skeleton video clip. Here it is again. (Thanks Dave)

5. Mary Weiss' new CD, 'Dangerous Game' on Norton, performing with a new group, The Reigning Sound.

It's been decades since the lead singer of my fave 1960's girl group, The Shangri-Las, has had a new album, and this one is just about everything you could hope for. It's awesome!

A faithful extension of that distinctive sound, but matured and ripened into something new as well.

Mary's voice is still just great, her backing band fits her just right, and as ever, she's cool and tough.

Check out performance video and more at her website.

See also: Mary Weiss on MySpace,
and an interview at the Norton Records website.

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ally. said...

i hadn't seen that skeleton and it is indeed cute.
and that mary weiss lp ain't half bad neither but then i love her dearly and would find it very hard to find fault with anything shangri la

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