Friday, July 13, 2007

Written and Produced by Fred Smith: Lindy Adams - A Bird In The Hand b/w Surprise Party (1962)

I'm a little surprised that I haven't been able to track down any info about Lindy Adams or this record. There's such attention paid to the R&B / soul / girl-group sound of this era, it seems odd that this one may have slipped through the cracks.

If you have anything to share regarding Lindy Adams, I'd love to hear it.

Both tracks on this old 45 were produced and written by Fred Smith (1933 - 2005), who worked at several different Los Angeles-based record labels in the '50's and '60's. (Often simultaneously, apparently)

His first big success was in 1958, with the novelty number "Western Movies", the first hit for The Olympics, co-written with friend Cliff Goldsmith.

Smith and Goldsmith wrote several follow-ups for The Olympics over the next few years, even as Fred Smith was moving into the production end of the recording industry.

He joined the Mirwood record label in 1963, writing, producing and arranging for several artists. It was at Mirwood in 1965 that Smith was co-producer on Bob & Earl's classic,
"Harlem Shuffle".

By 1968 he'd founded his own labels, Keymen and Mo Soul (which turned out to be short-lived), and had fostered the career of a musical group that would soon evolve into Charles Wright & the Watts 103rd Street Rhythm Band.

Heading into the mid-1970's, Smith was for a brief time at the Stax record label during their decline, working in artist development alongside his mother, R&B singer / comedienne Effie Smith, who herself had long worked in various ends of the music industry.

It was after this that Fred Smith's growing disillusionment with the business would cause him to leave it altogether.

- - But that was all after this peppy 1962 recording with the un-footnoted Lindy Adams.

And tell me - - is that instrument a glockenspiel that I hear featured on both sides?

Listen to: Lindy Adams - A Bird In The Hand (click for audio)

Listen to: Lindy Adams - Surprise Party (click for audio)

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