Friday, July 20, 2007

(link:) The Billy Nayer Show, 1994

Another visit to the department of 'Someone else has already done all the work for me'...

I wasn't quite shocked to discover that the first full-length album from The Billy Nayer Show has gone out of print, but I was greatly dismayed.

It's still an album that needs to be heard, you see.

Fortunately, this is the internet, and there are others who feel the same way. It's available for download at Music-Snob. (click for link)

That first CD was huge on college radio when it came out back in '94, but pinning down a description of their music can prove problematic.

Likewise the experience of seeing them perform live. I saw BNS a few times back in the day, when they were still based in San Francisco, before heading off to New York. Some of the best live shows I ever attended. Suffice to say that the band's frontman, Cory McAbee, has a formidable presence. I love the word play at work in his lyrics.

The Billy Nayer Show is still a going concern, and putting out fine CDs, but nothing quite matches that first time, y'know?

Do take a gander at Music Snob's BNS post, and here's a few of my favorite tracks off the album...

From 'The Billy Nayer Show' self-titled CD (Big Sam's Giant Records, 1994), Listen to:




Apartment #5

(click for audio)

See also: The Billy Nayer Show on MySpace

There's also a smattering of Billy Nayer Show video clips to be seen at YouTube, including a few excerpts from their 2005 feature-length sci-fi/western movie, The American Astronaut.

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