Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Textron Fabrics print ad, 1945

(click on image to ENLARGE on a new page)Wow. A nice bit of surreal post-war commercial symbolism here in this two-page ad that ran in a December 1945 issue of Life magazine.

The 'real world' is somewhere in the far-away distance (?), snug and protected and warm in its
snow-capped quilted planet cozy.

Snow-capped parachutists are dropping softly and silently in the background, like winter leaves floating to the ground after their season of vitality has ended.

And in the foreground, while the chill breeze blows, 'you' slumber peacefully, detached from everything and suspended over the void in your tiny padded nest.

I like the small touch of the laurel and laced slippers she wears, as though this scene might be a dream sequence from a particularly odd ballet.

*Anybody know the identity of the artist?*

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