Monday, July 16, 2007

(link:) A quick Virgil Partch web round-up

Virgil Partch, a.k.a. VIP (1916 - 1984), has been one of my very favorite cartoonists since I was a tot.

Before I could even read I'd pore through the old paperback copy of his 1950's True magazine cartoons that my folks had, not understanding much of what I saw, but in love with it nonetheless.

(From 'Man The Beast', 1953) ➔

I'm still so fond of his work that it's one of his cartoons that I lovingly and blatantly swiped for my 'profile' image on this here blog. It came from his 1959 book, 'VIP Throws a Party'.

As of this past week, there's a second installment to a presentation of VIP's book 'The Wild, Wild Women' available at the consistently splendid ASIFA-Hollywood Animation Archive. In addition to some great scans, there's handy links to their first part of the piece, as well as previous spotlights on a couple of his other books.

It got me curious to see what other Partch stuff is floating out on the web for people to enjoy. Here's a bit of what I found...

- There's a good illustrated bio page at Bud Plant's Been Publishing, I'm Back.

- VIP self-portraits, photos, and a gallery of book covers can be seen at Christopher Wheeler's Cartoon(ist) Gallery, a great resource I've visited many times in the past.

- You can also check out a nice assortment of scanned 1950's magazine cartoons, and a fascinating look at VIP's creative process from his section of the "Famous Artists Cartooning Course" over at the archived Inspiration Grab-Bag.

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Unknown said...

I LOVE Virgil Partch, BIG GEORGE, and I'M LEARNING TO SHARE. Great job. Thanks.


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