Thursday, July 5, 2007

The Morning After The Night Before, x 2: Fred Dunn / Shelley Berman

Here in the USA, The fifth of July has long been designated by many as something of a 'National Hangover Day'. It's one of several scattered about the calendar directly following other major holidaze.

Here's a couple of old record selections on the subject.

I can *almost* convince myself that the poor sound quality of the Fred Dunn record is true to the spirit of the genre and the subject matter.

Beyond that, I'll guess that it was released in the early 1950's, but otherwise I don't have any info for you on Fred Dunn or his Barrelhouse Rhythm. Anybody?

Listen to: Fred Dunn and his Barrelhouse Rhythm - The Morning After (click for audio)

In the late 1950's, Shelley Berman helped to revolutionize stand-up comedy.

His 'Morning After' routine was included on his first LP, 'Inside Shelley Berman'.

When the album appeared in 1959, the idea of a record capturing a live stand-up 'concert' was an alien concept.

Nevertheless, it won the first ever non-music Grammy award that year.

← (1962 photo by Jim Marshall, from his book 'Proof')

See also: The Official Shelley Berman Web Site

Listen to: Shelley Berman - The Morning After The Night Before (click for audio)

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Anonymous said...

I haven't heard this since 1958 But I got to tell you I loved it so much
Listening to it in the record store
in Jamestown, ND.

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