Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Three older Gahan Wilson cartoons

I found the cartoons below while leafing through some old magazines.

(Once upon a time, it used to be that there were lots of magazines that ran single-panel cartoons, he said snarkily.)

I'm not sure if these three have been reprinted before. Maybe they have, but not recently - - ?

I've seen LOTS of Gahan Wilson cartoons over the years, but I'm not recalling these...

⬆ From the September 17th, 1957 issue of Look Magazine ⬆

⬆ From the February 20th, 1968 issue of Look Magazine ⬆

⬆ From the October, 1968 issue of Laugh-In Magazine ⬆

As near as I can tell, it's impossible not to love the work of Gahan Wilson.

I've heard people say "His stuff disturbs me", but I've never yet found anyone who'll say they don't like it.

- - And he's still turning out top-notch work at The New Yorker.

Man, I used to just pore over his book collections - - 'I Paint What I See', 'And Then We'll Get Him", etc.
That must have begun back in junior high, the perfect time to be discovering that stuff. Then I couldn't get enough of 'Nuts', his strip that ran in National Lampoon. Brilliant.

Later on, when my nieces were little, I made sure to have copies of his children's books around for them to check out. They always wanted me to read 'The Bang Bang Family' to them, probably because I had to be noisy reading it aloud...

There's great stuff to see and original art for sale over at Gahan Wilson's website.

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