Thursday, July 19, 2007

Betty Hutton for Bexel Vitamins, 1945 print ad

'Hep to pep'? No lie.

While hosting an episode of the Command Performance radio show in 1943, Bob Hope referred to the ebullient singer / actress Betty Hutton as "...a vitamin pill with legs".

For a bit of further proof, here are a couple of links to film clips residing at YouTube that show Betty Hutton in performance...

...'Old Man Mose Ain't Dead' from 1939...

...and 'I'm Just a Square (In a Social Circle)' from 1945's 'The Stork Club'.

- - And if you've never seen Ms. Hutton's portrayal of Trudy Kockenlocker in Preston Sturges' 1944 back-handed tribute to movie censorship, 'The Miracle of Morgan's Creek' - - Oh, my golly-goodness, you *really* should check it out.

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