Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Comic-Con '07: A Few Aftermath Reflections

The Con is over, I'm back home now, with my sore feet and fond memories.

A couple of boxes of swag I shipped to myself from San Diego will be arriving later this week, and it'll be like Xmas opening them up.

Maybe then I'll post a few more cover scans of some of the booty I hauled in.

There'll be comics to sort and strike from my magic want list. A few toys to display, once I've figured out where. A few prints to frame and hang.

I'll also be hanging 3 small spooky photo-portraits I picked up at the Haunted Memories Changing Portraits booth.

They're cool!

I love that they've taken actual vintage photos they've found of someone's actual ancestors, and via the tried-and-true magic of lenticular diffraction grating technology have turned them into these morphing oddities.

They do custom jobs too, which has me fantasizing about a new life for the slightly ghastly, old and gi-normous framed photos I have out in the garage of my great-grandparents...

So let's see, what did I learn from Comic-Con '07 - - ? Here's a few small items:

- Linda Blair is tiny. LeVar Burton is going gray. Xzibit from the 'Pimp My Ride' TV show collects early issues of Amazing Spiderman.

- I have a newly-found appreciation for the old mid-sixties Rocket Robin Hood TV cartoon show. A rare case of a crappy show I loved as a kid actually being BETTER than I remembered.

- Women have the confidence to dress up sexy and have fun doing so, regardless of their general appearance and how it conforms to our era's unfair standards. Most 'ungainly' men do not seem to have that same confidence.

- I discovered that I love wearing a kilt. SO dang comfortable! - - And I've been practicing the fine art of sitting and standing back up again while wearing it. It's going well, but I think I'll need to invest in some long pairs of black boxer briefs.

- The more useless trivia I know, the more there is to yet to learn. The more fun crap I own, the more there is yet to find.

- It's possible to inadvertently hear Jimmy Buffet's 'Margaritaville' four times in the same day.

- I don't have as much patience for taking dozens of photos of people in costume as I used to. Fortunately, others do - -

Here's some links to a few fun 2007 San Diego Comic-Con online photo galleries:

Rotten Tomatoes

Yoshi Enoki Jr at pbase.com

NBC San Diego; 'The Women of Comic-Con'

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