Tuesday, July 3, 2007

(link:) Dave DeVries' Monster Engine

-Link: Dave DeVries' Monster Engine

It's nice to see that many folks around the net have previously reported on Dave DeVries, but I'm thinking that if I managed to miss all of it until yesterday, maybe it'll be new to a few others as well.

To quote Dave's 'mission statement' at his website:
"The Monster Engine is a book, a demonstration / lecture and a gallery exhibition.

"The premise for all three came from one single question: What would a child's drawing look like if it were painted realistically?"

I'd say the answer is 'pretty freakin' cool'.

Dave has worked for many years in the comics industry, and is primarily known for images on trading cards featuring DC and Marvel super-heroes.

- Here's a link to a gallery page displaying some examples of that artwork.

Creating the fantasy comic book images without living models to work from has helped in fleshing out the childrens' art.

He's been working with kids for several years, collecting their artwork and collecting their stories.

- Here's a link to a great phone interview with Dave from 2005, over at Small World Podcast.

Among other things, he talks about the origins of Monster Engine, and the physical process of adapting the drawings.

He gives interesting insights into how different children create their artwork, and how his embellishments manage to retain some of the fascinating power and wonder of the originals.

- Here's a link to more photos of Dave in action at a Kustom Kulture Gallery event.

-Link: Dave DeVries' Monster Engine

(I was eventually led to 'The Monster Engine' via a post at Third Eye Dumb, via Saint Ambush).


Martin Klasch said...

It IS really cool and deserves to have another "run" on the internet if you see what I mean ;)

dave116 said...

Thanks so much for blogging my site--i think this is one of the more comprehensive looks at the work. It means alot to see that the art has an effect on people. I just completed a 6 foot canvas ---it turned out really cool and I will be posting it as soon as I get a good photo of it. Thanks again! I see that you are a DJ--something I'd love to do one day.

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