Saturday, July 28, 2007

(link:) A quick Heinrich Kley web round-up

German editorial cartoonist Heinrich Kley (1863 - 1945) produced wonderful, whimsical, lyrical, cynical and often profound illustrations that are a joy to behold.

Here's a few links to places around the web that feature his work...

- There are beautiful gallery pages at Coconino Publishing.

- Here's a good capsule bio at lines and colors.

- More bio, more gallery at Scream Online.

- Just a few more images, but placing them in context with other works from fellow editorial magazine artists of the period. Check it out at Graphic Witness.

(Scans on this page from 'The Drawings of Heinrich Kley', Borden Books, 1941)


Anonymous said...

Since you scanned the lower image (naked lady laying in the grass) - is there b chance a title to this drawing in the book?

The In Crowd said...

Hi Anonymous - - I don't currently have access to that Kley book. As near as I can tell, the title of that image is 'Idyl'. Thanks :)

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your help. If by any chance you get hold of the copy and could post your result here, it would be very helpfull since I purchased perhaps the original artwork (it isn't delivered yet) and I found the drawing several times online but never the title.

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