Thursday, July 26, 2007

Ted Randal - What Is A Disc Jockey? (1957)

I recently dug through a big pile of ancient cassette tapes I had sitting in a drawer, and this is one of the tidbits I was fortunate enough to resurrect.

Round about 1957, there was a very sentimental record that had become popular, 'What Is A Boy?' (backed with 'What Is A Girl?'). Sweet and treacly spoken word, with soft strings in the background. The sort of thing that'd make your Grandmother cry.

It was recorded by Jackie Gleason, and also by Arthur Godfrey, and likely several other artists as well.

Possibly because of its high syrup factor, the record also spawned several snarky parody versions.

Follow this link to 'Andy Zax presents...Archives of Oblivion!' and check out one of his LuxuriaMusic DJ playlists. Scroll down a bit and you'll see a whole slew of those different 'What is a ___?' parodies listed.

Spike Jones covered the 'What Is a DJ' territory in a different version, but I like this one better.

Ted Randal was a popular disc jockey working in San Francisco when he recorded this version. (b/w 'What Is A Hit?')

Searching around the net, I found this little roster of some of the stations where Randal worked at different times - -

KASH [Eugene OR] 1947
CHUM [Toronto] 195?
KROY [Sacramento] 195?
KOBY [San Francisco] 1956
KPIX-TV [San Francisco] 1958 - dance show host
KEWB [San Francisco] 1959
KDWB [Minneapolis] 195?
KFWB [LA] 1961
KFI [LA] 1968
XPRS [San Diego - Tijuana, Mexico] 1971 - consultant
CHUM [Toronto] 1971 - consultant
CKSL [London Ontario] 1974 - consultant
CKAN [Toronto] 1986 - PD/manager

Listen to: Ted Randal - What Is A Disc Jockey? (Verve Records 45, 1957)

(click for audio)

(ADDENDUM, 8.22.08: Just as a small tangent regarding a disc jockey's love for comic books, you may want to follow this new link to my post - - 'Tops In Pops - Radio deejays battle in a 1964 comic book story')


Timmy said...

Thank you for this post. It exemplefies the importance that AM Radio had on the soul of The Baby Boomer Generation. Also, it was a fun & funny time for Radio...

bud riley radio said...

Ted was consultant for CHUM from 1968 to 1971. After his stint in London, Ontario, he became program director at CHFI in Toronto for more than two decades. He is retired living in Toronto and just had his 90th birthday (Sept 24 2016).

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