Friday, July 20, 2007

Reasons To Be Cheerful: week of 07/20/07

1. Comic-Con!!!

I'll be in San Diego next week, wandering the convention center with all the other thousands of funny-book nerds and fantasy dorks, and I'm stoked!

The only other time I've been was back in '04, after attending Wondercon in the bay area many times. (Apples and oranges, really.)

I'm getting all geared up. I've almost got my magic want list fully updated and ready for action, and A.R. Virgo that I am, my flight and room were already booked months ago. I think it was still Winter.

While I'm there, I hope to report in here and post some photos of the festivities (just like everybody else). We'll see how that goes. You'll understand if I'm too busy and/or exhausted...

Last time I went, my favorite photo ops tended to be snapping pictures of other people's photo ops.
With that in mind, I'm certain that the Comic-Con soundtrack playing in my head will be The Kinks' "People Take Pictures Of Each Other".

Maybe I'll see you there. If you see me, be sure to say hi! I'll be the 40-something stocky white guy with a salt & pepper ponytail, wearing cargo shorts and a t-shirt. That should narrow it down for you.

- - And if you are attending, be sure to snag one of my limited-edition garishly-colored 'I'm Learning To Share' bookmarks from the freebie table on your way in. (Although, uhh, I guess if you're reading this you probably don't need one, huh?)

2. UFO postage stamps from around the world at the Fortean Times website. (click for link)

3. Snagged myself a copy of 'The Open Mind of John D. Loudermilk' reissue CD, and it's pretty amazing.

All the tracks from the original 1969 'psychedelic Nashville' LP are here, plus lots of bonus tracks from a few years earlier. A nice package.

The new CD is put out by Australia's Omni Recording Corp., the same folks who did the Porter Wagoner collection I told you about here a couple of months back.

Omni seems to be the label to watch for the cool 1960's 'alt/mainstream' country music...

John D. Loudermilk is one of those amazing singer-songwriters.

He wrote great hit pop tunes for tons of artists, and recorded some truly innovative, unique and perfectly offbeat albums of his own.

Like listening to Lee Hazlewood if he had a different set of demons driving him.

See also: This JDL bio page at AllMusic, written by Richie Unterberger. (click for link)

4. Just over a month ago, I posted a piece here celebrating a 1978 issue of BOMP magazine, and the cover art of William Stout.

Word on the street is there's a new book coming out this October, "BOMP, Saving the World One Record at a Time".

Written by Suzy Shaw (ex-wife and business partner of BOMP founder, the late Greg Shaw) and Mick Farren, the book chronicles the history of the seminal alternative press rock music magazine, and its place in pop culture.

Loaded with reproductions of vintage text and images, and more recent recollections from the people who were there - - it sounds like a good read!

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WEISSMAN said...

1. Hope to see you in S.D., CA and thanks for the nice link a ways back. ---SW

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