Friday, July 27, 2007

Comic-Con '07 spotlight: Meet The Brothers Parpan of Goblin Fish Press

Here's two of the many talented artists I saw while ambling around at Comic-Con yesterday.

⬅ To the left is Josh Parpan, and on the right is his brother Justin.

They rock!

Each one produces their own style of stunning and fun artwork, mostly in a whimsical monster or children's book illustration vein.

VERY cool.

Scrolling down this page, you'll see just a few examples of Josh's work on the left, and Justin's on the right.

They've founded Goblin Fish Press to publish their books, prints, postcards, and more, as well as Terrible T-Shirts, displaying the finest in fashion.

If you should happen to be here at Comic-Con in San Diego this week, swing by the Goblin Fish Press booth.

Here or not, I urge you to visit each of the brother's blogs. Get some background on these images, and take a peek at many other examples of some of the Parpan's super-nifty artwork!

(click on links)

Visit Josh Parpan's 'ILLustration Design' blog.

Visit Justin Parpan's 'Primitive Art & Design' blog.

Visit the Goblin Fish Press homepage.

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